The role of expectations in change detection and attentional capture
Daniel J. Simons and Stephen R. Mitroff

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Included are examples of stimuli from the following papers:

Levin, D. T., & Simons, D. J. (1997). Failure to detect changes to attended objects in motion pictures. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 4(4), 501-506.

Simons, D. J., & Chabris, C. F. (1999). Gorillas in our midst: Sustained inattentional blindness for dynamic events. Perception, 28, 1059-1074.

And video of two participants from the following paper:

Simons, D. J., & Levin, D. T. (1998). Failure to detect changes to people in a real-world interaction. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 5(4), 644-649.

More information about these experiments as well as additional examples from these and other studies of change blindness and inattentional blindness are available at the following web site: