RoboCup 2003 Team Description Papers

Welcome to the RoboCup 2003 addendum CD! This CD contains the team description papers for many of the teams that participated in the RoboCup 2003 competition held in Padua, Italy during July of 2003. We have collected the team description papers from each of the major leagues. Specifically, on this CD you will find papers from:

  • The Small Size League
  • The Humanoid League
  • The Middle Size League
  • The Four Legged League
  • The Simulation Leagues
  • The Rescue Leagues
  • Each of these team description papers focuses on the technical advancements that have gone into developing that team. Thus, these papers include engineering achievements, details on how to build a robustly working system, as well as scientific advancements in the state-of-the-art. To view the team description papers, please click on the table of contents link below, or view the champion team papers.


    Champion Teams

    Team Description Papers