Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics
Visual Perception and Robotic Manipulation
3D Object Recognition, Tracking and Hand-Eye Coordination
Geoffrey Taylor and Lindsay Kleeman


Chapter 3:
Shape Recovery Using Robust Light Stripe Scanning

Chapter 4:
Object Modelling and Classification

Chapter 5:
Multi-Cue 3D Model-Based Object Tracking

Chapter 7:
System Integration and Experimental Results

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and Data Sets

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Multimedia Extensions CD-ROM


Autonomous domestic robots have the potential to revolutionize the service industry, but widespread adoption will require new solutions to the challenges of operating in an unconstrained human environment. Key skills include planning actions based on simple supervisory commands with minimal application-specific knowledge, and recognizing and manipulating a wide variety of objects in continuously new ways with a high robustness to environmental changes and operational wear. "Visual Perception and Robotic Manipulation" describes the fundamental components of a 3D model-based robot vision framework to address these issues and take a step towards the realization of domestic robots.

These Multimedia Extensions provide a range of material to supplement the results and discussions in "Visual Perception and Robotic Manipulation". The multimedia extensions are arranged as follows:

System Requirements

Video clips are provided in MPEG-1 format, which can be viewed with most multimedia players. Light stripe scanner data and object models are provided in VRML 97 (Virtual Reality Markup Language) format, which requires installation of a suitable viewer (see list below). Each VRML file is also accompanied by an MPEG video "fly-through" to visualize the 3D model without a VRML browser. C++ source code packages are targed to Linux and X Windows (see README files in these packages for additional requirements).

Free VRML viewers: