Clinical history

Case 34

73-year-old man presenting with weakness and weight loss. Blood sample showed increased inflammatory parameters. A chest radiography was obtained.

Radiological images

Radiological findings

CT images

CT findings

Additional examinations

Additional data: A chest MDCT was performed every year during two years and revealed a perfect stability of the right upper lobe image.
A PET-CT was performed and did not reveal any 18 FDG upatke at this level.
Multiple abdominal masses and thoracic hypermetabolic masses were also found (pathology was consistent with a lymphoma).

Final diagnosis

The diagnosis of a systemic arterio-pulmonary venous malformation with varicous dilatation of the vein was proposed. No arteriography was performed.
The feeding artery was located at the level of the broncho-intercostal trunk (arrow, double oblique MIP view).
No embolization was performed due to the stability of this anomaly.

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